6 tips to make your new house feel like a home

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You have been through the process with your real estate agent, packed your belongings and moved into your new property, so what now? It’s time to start making your new property feel like home.

Whether you’ve bought or rented a new house, it can take some time to feel homely.

You can make your new home more comfortable and help you settle in by doing a number of things. With these 6 tips, we hope to make you feel right at home in your new house.

Display your collections

You can immediately make your house feel like home by adding the things that are special to you. Whether it's scented candles, treasured family photos, or your favourite artwork, displaying your collections makes the house feel more personal. To add personality to the space, use shelves, tables, and window sills to display small items and photos on the walls and shelves.

Add life with plants

The right plants can make your home a happier and healthier place. You can either bring the plants from your old home or invest in new ones to brighten up your space and make it feel more welcoming. The great thing about adding plants to your interior is that they are a great option for spaces of any size. The options are endless: you can choose a large floor plant, a hanging plant to decorate shelves or tops of cupboards, or you can choose miniature plants and succulents for small spaces. You can choose from a wide variety of houseplants that inspire you, and that need the level of care you require, including varieties that require very little maintenance.


The addition of houseplants can breathe new life into your new home!

Create a cosy corner

Creating a little cosy corner in your new house can instantly make it feel more like home. This area can be used to read, play games, or indulge in your favourite hobby. To create a comfortable atmosphere, gather cushions and blankets, as well as a chair or bean bag. Consider adding a small table or some books to your corner, depending on what you plan to use it for.

Make your bed a luxury

When you move into a new house, getting your bed ready can make you feel more at home. Treat yourself to great quality bedding that looks and feels good in colours or patterns you love. You don’t have to stick to the basics either – make it even more comfortable with blankets and throws, extra cushions, and even a hot water bottle for chilly nights. Once your bed is to your liking, your new bedroom will immediately feel more like yours.


Turn your bedroom into a cosy retreat

Use soft furnishings

Soft furnishings are a great interior design touch. They can be inexpensive, but make any part of the house feel comfortable, warm, and homely. Spruce up your sofa with a comfortable throw or blanket, add cushions to all your chairs, put an attractive tablecloth over your table, and cover your floor with an appealing rug. You can use soft furnishings in any room to make it cosier, and you can add as many or as few as you like.

Add some lamps

Lamps feel homely and give you more control over your lighting levels. Being able to control the environment to your liking can make it feel more like home. Lamps work in any part of the house, and the choices are limitless. You can find lamps and lighting solutions in various sizes and styles, from vintage to ultra-modern, to suit your tastes and your decorating scheme. As well as desk and table lamps, a floor lamp is a must-have alternative to overhead lighting.

Make your house a home

Moving house is one of life’s biggest tasks, and you might feel like there’s an endless list of things to do. Whether you live in Melbourne or elsewhere in Australia, it’s easy to turn your new house into a home with these simple tricks. No matter what your budget is, these suggestions help you bring out the things you love and make your home a true reflection of you and the things you care about.

If you prefer to have someone do this for you, consider an interior designer who can work closely with architects and planners to create stunning indoor spaces.

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