COVID-19 FAQs: Tenants


Since the pandemic began several months ago, Nelson Alexander has implemented a number of virtual processes and safety guidelines and although our doors are currently closed, we’re still working for our tenants, albeit a little differently.

In Melbourne, restrictions have created questions for our tenants, including how they can continue to find and lease their next home. We’ve answered some of the most frequently asked below.

Leasing a new property:

Q. How can I inspect a property?

Virtual Inspections: All Nelson Alexander listings have been filmed to ensure you can see the finer details beyond photography before arranging a private inspection.

Private Inspections: Private Inspections are now available by appointment only. One Nelson Alexander Property Manager may attend the property with one prospective tenant, who may be accompanied by one other person from an existing household or an intimate partner and the prospective tenant’s children under 18 years old (if there are no appropriate alternative care arrangements available).

A person can leave their home for a maximum of two hours to attend a prearranged private inspection of a property, each private inspection must be for a maximum of 15 minutes.

The 5km rule does not apply for private inspections, though it is not permitted to travel to regional Victoria to attend an inspection.

Q. How can I apply for a property?

You can apply for properties without leaving your home via Sorted on the Nelson Alexander website - a paperless, fast and straightforward solution. Sorted allows you to apply online and upload all required documentation in the same place. If you're approved, you can also sign your lease agreement digitally.

Q. I've just signed my new lease, how do I get the keys?

Nelson Alexander has a seamless hands-free key handover process. This process will be tailored accordingly for each property type and client.

Q. I've just moved into my new property, how do I return the Condition Report?

This process has not changed. You will receive a digital copy of your condition report when you move into the property and you will be able to return your signed and marked-up version digitally.

During your lease:

Q. How do I request non-urgent maintenance?

Maintenance can be requested here - this is handled as per usual protocol. All maintenance and repairs will be dealt with as required. We have a fully trained team of tradespeople whose workmanship and integrity are guaranteed by our company, all tradespeople must work under a COVID safe plan.

Q. I have a Routine Inspection scheduled, will it still go ahead?

Whilst we are not currently scheduling physical inspections, if you have an overdue Routine Inspection you may be required to assist in a virtual one. If you are requested to do this, you will receive a link from your Property Manager where you can upload relevant images, notes and maintenance for review.

Q. I am experiencing Financial Hardship due to the pandemic, what should I do?

Should you be experiencing financial hardship and require assistance, please contact your Property Manager in writing as soon as possible. Our team have been trained to assist in this area and we have processes in place in line with Government guidelines.


Q. My lease is almost up - when do I need to give notice?

Should you wish to give notice at the end of your lease, you must give 28 days’ notice as per the Residential Tenancies Act. Note: If you are experiencing financial hardship, contact your Property Manager directly in writing, they will contact you with specific information for your personal situation in line with Government guidelines.

How we operate through these restrictions is continuously evolving as further updates are released from the Victorian Government, but rest assured we will communicate these changes and how they might affect you as we learn more.

Please visit click here for more information on Victorian Government updates.

The Nelson Alexander team are here and ready to answer any questions you may have. So, please call or email your local office if you require real estate guidance, an update on the latest news, or simply need someone to speak to.

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