Melbourne's best Instagram chefs/cooks to follow

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As a bustling metropolis, Melbourne has no shortage of impressive people. Socialites, celebrities and tourists flock to the city to enjoy all it has to offer, and it has many homegrown talents too. Among them are some popular Instagram influencers in the cooking niche, offering a wealth of culinary goodness for foodies who are always on the hunt for something new.

Cooking is an integral part of home life and every interior designer, lifestyle expert and wellbeing guru will tell you how it can transform your life. The processes of preparing, serving, eating and sharing food are a real joy that anyone can benefit from. If you are a budding chef or anyone who wants to give a boost to their home life, here are Melbourne's best Instagram cooks to follow.

Jessica Nguyen

Jessica is a passionate home cook based in Melbourne. Her mission is to inspire and educate, helping people to cook for themselves and their loved ones through Instagram posts and stories. Jess has appeared in Vogue, The Iconic, Broadsheet, 'Shameless' Podcast and more. Her Instagram recipes are easy to follow and presented in an educational format and her audience is very engaged. They have a step-by-step format with practical tips that are easy to follow.

Julia Busuttil Nishimura

Julia is a cook and author based in Melbourne. Through her work, she celebrates simple ingredients and seasonal produce, promoting the joy of coming together to dine. The biggest influence on her cuisine is her Maltese heritage and the Japanese roots of her family, and she embraces Melbourne's seasons. With two best-selling cookbooks to her name, she was shortlisted for 2018's ABIA 'Illustrated Book of the Year' award and she has received many other accolades. She is an established contributor to Good Food, ABC, The Design Files and Good Weekend Magazine. She is also recognised as an influential figure around the world.

Ellie Bouhadana

Ellie has an enigmatic Instagram account with many thousands of followers. She is a self-taught cook and event planner with Jewish roots that play a big part in her beautiful Italo-Mediterranean dishes. She underwent a meteoric rise among Melbourne's food community during the COVID pandemic, largely due to her popular focaccia that formed part of her 'Doorstep Deliveries' service during lockdown. Since then, she has spent her time planning budgets and inventing creative menus for pop-up dinners. Currently cooking out one of our favourite Collingwood locals, 'Hope St Radio', she has been a true Instagram celebrity over the last couple of years.

Clementine Day

Clementine is a self-taught cook based in Wurundjeri Land in Melbourne. 'Some Things I Like To Cook' is an evolving project celebrating the joy of all things food. The aim is to draw meaningful connections between food, people and fun. Her recipes are relaxed and accessible to even the most inexperienced cooks. The focus is as much on the joy of cooking as that of eating, and she encourages people to experiment and use their intuition in the kitchen. She collaborates with various different creatives on a wealth of projects, so her Instagram page is never short of content. She also released her first cookbook in 2020, entitled 'Coming Together'.

Elise Pulbrook

Elise rose to fame after her success on MasterChef Australia 2021. She enjoys cooking for large crowds and aspires to own a farm-to-table restaurant on a sustainable property. As you can probably guess, the environment is important to Elise and that is reflected in her Instagram channel. With an Italian and Sri Lankan heritage, food has always been a big part of Elise's life. Family is everything to her, so you can expect to see lots of posts about her family members alongside the food posts.

Final thoughts

With winter setting in, now is the perfect time to explore your culinary skills. The Instagram accounts in this list give you a wealth of material to work with in the kitchen, and you may find yourself becoming part of a buzzing community as part of their very engaged following. Nelson Alexander is an established real estate presence in Melbourne and we love to celebrate everything that relates to the home in this glorious city. These incredible chefs have inspired countless people to be more active in the kitchen using creative social media content that never fails to impress. Follow them for entertaining and enriching food content that just might reinvent your home life this winter.
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