How to optimise your outdoor area for summer

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Nothing says summer in Melbourne quite like an inviting outdoor living space and a barbeque with friends and family — here are some of our top tips for optimising yours:

Bringing the indoors out

Start with comfy outdoor seating — a sofa or loveseat if space allows. Even if you only have room for a bistro set or armchair, some bright padded cushions will add to the outdoor experience.

A side table or unique feature table will encourage lingering and promote an inviting atmosphere. You can create unique spaces for entertaining, relaxing, or al fresco dining by adding multiple seating areas. Adding throws and rugs into the mix will accentuate the cozy and vibrant outdoor experience.


Add atmosphere

Compliment your home and garden space with colour, an easy and accessible enhancement for any setting; there is no correct answer when it comes to the specific hue you choose.

Take inspiration from the natural hues of your nearby plants, outdoor furniture and architecture to simplify the process of picking a colour palette for your entertaining and outdoor area.

Arrangements such as cushions, pots, rugs and more can add extra personality to your space. There are plenty of ways to utilise best your outdoor space, which may go towards entertaining party guests or just relaxing by yourself.


Add a barbecue or outdoor cooking space

A barbecue can create a central gathering point, creating its atmosphere. Choose a built-in or portable design depending on your budget. Perfect for a summer party or an impromptu family dinner. No matter the size of your outdoor space, there is a style to suit your backyard.


Add some lush greenery

If you want to optimise your space, consider getting rid of old, dead greenery, shrubs, and trees. Cut back any overgrowth, and make new space. The use of potted and hanging plants in your outdoor space gives it an earthy, homey feel. Vibrant colours, lush greens, and savoury herbs give the area lots of texture and vibrance. Patio plants are an easy way to dress up your outdoor space and bring a sense of tranquillity and calmness to the busiest of days.

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Multiple sitting areas

Creating separate areas for conversation, eating, and drinking gives your guests options to enjoy themselves at your gathering. Swings or daybeds are also a great addition to a conversation space. Another way to create multiple areas is to use pavers, outdoor rugs, decking, indoor/outdoor patios or even wooden benches.



Add ambient lighting for a more inviting look and feel. Try hanging some tea light candles or candle sconces to an area above a table to soften the look (these can be battery powered for safety). Solar lights are also a stylish, affordable and sustainable way to light your entertaining area when the sun goes down, not to mention set the stage for an inviting, warm space to create memories with family and friends.


We love spending time outdoors during the summer season, spending some time planning and getting excited about all the options we have for personalising the space and creating an inviting outdoor area to relax and entertain friends and family.

If you prefer to have someone do this for you, consider a landscape designer who can work closely with architects and planners to create stunning outdoor space, add value to your property and help to improve the environment, visit our recent blog — Melbourne's best landscape designers to find inspiration.

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