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Written by Lauren Li via our friends at The Design Files

The kitchen is at the very centre of family life. It’s where birthday cakes are baked, pancakes are flipped, and dinners are roasted. Home life is so centred around the kitchen, it’s no wonder that this space is often the most exciting (and daunting!) to design.


Kitchen Design by @robsonakarchitects
Photo by
@evegwilson / @thedesignfiles

Lately, we’re seeing a real return to maximalism in Australian interiors – and that includes the kitchen! There are plenty of ways to inject colour and personality into this space – the splashback is an obvious place to start, consider coloured tiles or natural stone finishes with some texture and pattern to them, and don’t forget decorative lighting such as wall-mounted or pendant lamps. It’s time to throw caution to the wind and bring personality back into the kitchen.

Natural Stone

Pink, green, beige, brown and black. We simply cannot get enough of gorgeous natural stone in our homes. Each piece is totally unique, and really becomes a work of art to enjoy every day in our kitchens.

Where once 60mm thick benchtops with a waterfall edge were preferred, we’re now loving the elegance of a slim 20mm thick benchtop, or even finer. We’re also moving away from the white/light grey varieties of marble into warmer tones, and more richly veined options.

There is no one right way to go when it comes to natural or man-made stones, it really depends on your lifestyle. If you’re very fussy about spills and stains, a man-made benchtop will offer you peace of mind – try Cosentino or Caesarstone for a robust kitchen surface with the look of natural stone. If selecting a natural stone, look for one with an interesting vein so spills can be hidden more easily.

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Kitchen of Alex McCabe @kipandco
Photo by
@caitlinmillsphotography / @thedesignfiles

On Display

A kitchen with things on display is having a moment right now… just when we got used to the idea of a kitchen with everything hidden! We’re seeing open shelving replacing overhead cupboards, which makes the space feel more relaxed and open, and offers limitless opportunities for styling with artwork, objects and plants to reflect the rest of the house.

There’s something so comforting about a kitchen with pots hanging and plates on display… it’s the sort of place you want to hang out in. Everyday items such as glasses, coffee cups and cereal bowls are all on show and within arm’s reach, whilst herbs displayed in a ceramic pot or vase add life and smell great, too!


Kitchen Design by @topology_studio
Photo by
@evegwilson / @thedesignfiles


The great thing about tiles is the sheer variety available, and the countless ways they can be used. The right tile really can completely transform a space. From the typical splashback application to covering range hoods, island benches to entire walls, tiles are everywhere and anywhere right now!

There are so many amazing stockists for interesting tiles in Australia, some excellent options include Urban Edge Ceramics, Artedomus, Signorino and Tiles of Ezra.


Kitchen of @derek_swalwell
Photo by
@evegwilson / @thedesignfiles

The Dark Side

We’re (finally) moving away from white kitchens and gloss finishes, towards a darker palette of materials. Using a richer palette in the kitchen lends a sense of cosiness, warmth and interest – plus, mess and clutter recede into the shadows. There really is no reason a kitchen has to be white!

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